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2012 Year in Review

2012 Year in Review Special

Gleib summarizes & shares his perspective on all the important & crazy-yet-unimportant events of 2012, in this Year in Review Special. Including NIPPLES and the POPE on Twitter, Amnesia SEX, Drone ATTACKS, Presidential Campaign and Election, SPACE barriers BROKEN, Solar FLARES attacking Earth, Lots of CRAZINESS in the Middle East and Asia, Miley, LILO, BIEBER, and Kardashian Updates, Secret Service loving PROSTITUTES, Supreme Court rules on OBAMACARE, Big Steps for Gay Marriage and WEED, Actual ZOMBIES, NUDE ROYALS, Presidential Talking Chairs, Trump is an A followed by a HOLE, GOD Particle DISCOVERED, Human DNA doing some CRAZY ish, BAGEL HEADS, and much more. Check out lastweekonearth.com for all episodes. As well as the Stitcher app on your smartphone, and on iTunes. All for free. Happy New Year Everybody!

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