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Adam Devine: Tickets to the Show

Workaholics star and creator Adam Devine talks cheating, the Golden Globes, his mom catching him looking at VERY WEIRD porn, Lance Armstrong admitting to DOPING, singing for his starring role in Pitch Perfect, why The White House is talking about a DEATH STAR, Lindsay Lohan caught CHEWING out her costar, Comedy Central buying his show, Controversy with Chuck Hagel’s nomination for Secretary of Defense, getting a teacher demoted, CHEATING all the time, the meeting of PORN and comedy, the Django N-word controversy, the spreading flu epidemic, a sperm donor getting screwed, Clarence Thomas finally speaking and not being an abolitionist, the secret to Damon and Affleck’s BROMANCE, Bieber and Gomez news, Sandusky to appeal, if Coldplay lead to safe driving, Adam’s WORKAHOLICS costar jumping off a roof, Coca-Cola’s new obesity ad, is Taylor Swift a prude? Jodi Foster sort of coming out, Celebrity diaper quotes, Cali being colder than Boston, Alex Jones of Infowars melting down on Piers Morgan, Rebels seizing Syrian airbase and Assad moving to a ship, GUN legislation moving forward, Olivia Wilde engagement news, Brtiney non-marriage news, Timberlake and Destiny’s Child’s upcoming music comeback, and if we should lick our plates.