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AZ Gov Racist Moron

From the Huffington Post, “Jan Brewer sparked outrage Wednesday when she issued an executive order denying benefits to young undocumented immigrants, defying President Obama’s deferred action program. The Arizona governor’s order, signed on the same day that Obama’s program went into effect, will deny state and local benefits to undocumented immigrants applying under the new federal rules. Undocumented immigrants will also be ineligible for driver’s licenses and state-issued identification cards. Brewer’s move was immediately met by massive backlash.”

Listen, Governor Brewer is a racist idiot who hates Mexican people, and looks like a psychotic old lady asking you for baked apples at a shoe store. But don’t take my word for it. Take her words for it. Nothing I could write about her could explain how inept and unfit to govern she is, than this clip from her re-election debate, just 2 years ago.

It’s right up there with Miss Teen South Carolina…

Maybe this gives hope to Miss Teen South Carolina that one day she could become Governor. Perhaps of the Iraq, or the South Africa, like, such as.

Ok, ok, to save you a trip to youtube, here’s that clip as well…

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For the full story at the Huffington Post, click here.