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Best Looking Podcast By Far

Everything on earth during the last 7 days. North Korea restarting Nuke reactor, then HACKED by Anonymous! Obama calling Attorney General Kamala Harris good looking. See through yoga pants causing SCANDAL! New POT poll good for stoners. New morning after pill law good for condom breakers. Abortion laws tightening in Kansas. Should women find a husband in college? First woman to head Secret Service. Ikea’s Elk MEAT has a problem? Rutgers fires A hole coach, but still huge pay day? Weak jobs report. Obama makes Republicans sorta happy. Connecticut passing strict GUN laws. UN passes global arms treaty. Scarlett Johansen’s social thoughts. Leno stepping down. Bill Clinton shares why he is so SELFISH. Do gay children and strokes change Republican Congressmen’s gay marriage stance? Obama to map human BRAIN. Is immigration reform coming? Petraeus apologizes, but for what? Kate Moss KISSES Sharon Stone. A man drives real fast to get some. Argentinians conned into buying FAKE POODLES. And much more. Follow gleib on Twitter, Instagram, and on Viddy @BenGleib to find out how to get your voice on this podcast!