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Big Brother Flavored Butter

Everything that happened in the last 7 days. Justin Bieber and China bra news. The US Govt is monitoring our calls and online activities. Miley Cyrus is twerking. Supremem Court decides cops can take our DNA. Updates on the battles in Syria. Paula Deen has a ridiculous food line. The protests in Turkey. Cameron Diaz has legs for days. Leo DiCaprio wants RPatz in his p*ssy posse. Putin marriage news. A drunk US Governor. Taco Bell shell licking and vegetarian health news. Racist Arizona Sheriff forced to shut down Latino profiling. Walking Dead actress tries to poison the President. China censors a duck. And I share a bunch of tips to avoid the NSA spying on you. Plus more. Get the free Viddy app, and share bite sized videos with the word. And follow @BenGleib on Viddy to see his vids.