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Biggest in History with Tone

Comedian & Actor Tone Bell joins Gleib to discuss their shirtless Mexico moped gang & if they’d rather their daughter be a stripper or go on The Bachelor. Plus everyone dropped out of the presidential race. The biggest explosion in history. (Not Biden’s campaign resurgence, but in outer space.) Gleib announces who he endorses now that Warren is out. His personal Coronavirus hysteria update. Taylor Swift is now a man. Flavor Flav came for Bernie Sanders. We discuss “Manspreading”. Chrissy Teigan and Tristan Thompson news. A Bachelor update. Some nostalgia for things we miss. A kid wins a bunch of cannabis. A sort of maybe successful peace deal with the Taliban while still attacking each other. A rare rebuke from the Supreme Court. A Dinosaur skull with preserved DNA in it. And someone made a really really bad pot of coffee. Follow @ToneBell