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David Feldman: Brazilian Rainforest Wax

Emmy winning writer of The Daily Show, Real Time with Bill Maher & The Burn with Jeff Ross, David Feldman joins Gleib to discuss EVERYTHING. From evolution and the nature of human behavior, to breast size, Ke$ha, the new Pope’s humility, if big eyes killed the Neanderthals, and the Republican party’s identity crisis. Other topics covered include The God Particle being found, a man born with no penis, what Jon Stewart is really like, working with Steve Martin, if we are careening toward a telecom dystopia, if having sex on camera can save the world, Bloomberg proposing anti-cigarette laws, the great lies religions and governments pull on their people, if Ayn Rand’s view was right or wrong, Taco Bell’s new Dorito Taco, MSNBC being mostly opinion, Steven Seagal meeting with Putin, Obama stalling on Iran’s nuke program, Panda Porn, and, somehow, much more. Download David Feldman’s podcast at davidfeldmanshow.com. And get the free app Viddy on your phone to make killer looking 30 second videos. Follow Gleib on Viddy @BenGleib.