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Burning up for your Meat

Everything that happened last week, including knives now being allowed on planes. Bin Laden’s son being brought to the U.S. Rand Paul’s 13 hour non-pee filled filibuster. Obama taking 13 Republicans to dinner. The bible’s popular new app, and the start of the Papal Conclave. The untimely demise of Justin Bieber’s hamster. Facebook selling likes. Chris Brown getting poetic at a club. Roger Ailes calling Obama lazy. Tina Fey and Taylor Swift still battling. The cause of Chavez’ death. Harry Styles on Jennifer Lawrence. If the Republican party is finally becoming more progressive. Whole foods deciding to label GMO’s. North Korea threatening the U.S. with a Sea of Fire. Why processed meat can kill you. Burlusconi sentenced to prison in Italy. What Jessica Simpson really really loves. NY’s soda ban overturned. A virgin bachelor, a hot robbery, and much more. Follow @BenGleib on the great video social networking app Viddy, free in the App Store or Google Play.