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Coma Personality

Can a Coma Change Your Personality? In rare instances it seems yes. wrote a story about a

6-year-old who woke up from a coma with a different personality

From the story…

“Such dramatic changes are rare, but not unheard of, and sometimes they’re even more dramatic. A 13-year-old Croatian girl suffered some kind of trauma — doctors, protecting her privacy, wouldn’t discuss specifics — two years ago, and fell into a 24-hour coma. When she woke up, the girl, who had been studying hard to improve her limited German, suddenly spoke the language fluently. A macho, beer-swilling, 26-year-old British rugby player, Chris Birch, lapsed into a coma after suffering a stroke on the practice field in 2011. He awoke a changed man. ‘I realized I was gay,’ he said, ‘and I was okay with it.’

If I had a dollar every time I woke up from a coma gay or speaking German I’d be broke as shit.  But apparently this happens to others.