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Coming Out of Bushs Library

Everything that happened during the last week. George W. Bush opens a library? An NBA player comes out. Martha Stewart wants sex. Best clips from the White House Correspondents Dinner. Virgin Airlines wants you to hit on people? Paul Ryan’s intern cyber-stalking women. Syria used chemical weapons, will the U.S. intervene now? W didn’t want war? Obama threatens to get a tattoo. Zack Braff wants your money. Drugs on Bieber’s tour bus. Why going to prison in Maryland is awesome. Congress moves quickly to help itself! Cats are starring in movies now? The Elvis impersonator did not try to poison the President? 9/11 plane part found in NYC. Diane Keaton has tantric sex? Teen mom star is now a teen mom porn star. Does the SUpreme Court regret Bush v Gore? Gleib makes an announcement about his sexual orientation. Trump gets booed by a whole arena. That profane email writing sorority girl gets punted out. Plus much more. Follow @BenGleib on Viddy and get your voice on the podcast.