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Kelly Carlin: “Jungian Psychology Honey Sex”

George Carlin’s daughter, podcaster, performer and writer Kelly Carlin joins Gleib to discuss Honey Sex, Jungian Psychology (she has a Masters in it,) North Korea’s threats of Nuclear War. What it was like growing up with George Carlin, the greatest comedian of all time, as a father, the good times and bad, the influence of drugs, if he secretly wished there was a heaven, and many more stories. Yahoo giving a teenager $30 million, the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage case, if it’s okay to cry at work, if a college degree means anything anymore. We debate gun control, if life has any inherent meaning, and if love is a real thing. Is Bill O’Reilly becoming liberal? If rhinos should be protected over children, if bars should be allowed to stay open later, and somehow, much more. Follow Kelly Carlin on twitter @Kelly_Carlin and Gleib on Twitter, Instagram, and Viddy @BenGleib.