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Gun for the Moon

Everything that happened during the last week, including Obama’s second inauguration, if condom sex is good sex, Congressional Republicans compromising on Debt Ceiling, imaginary girlfriends football controversy, Lance Armstrong admitting everything, Obama’s new gun legislation and 23 executive orders, Dreamliners grounded, women now allowed to fight in combat, animals being not that great, Americans held hostage in Algeria, Lena Dunham called fat, Obama’s second term agenda debated, tips for improving your sleep, Apple’s possible trouble, Google giving our info to the government, Hillary gets heated at Benghazi hearing, Facebook’s new graph search, 18 human heads found at airport, why Lindsay Lohan can’t dance on TV, sending art to the Moon, and much more. Please support our new sponsor VIDDY. The killer, free video app for your phone. It’s like Instagram for 15 second videos. Follow me on Viddy @bengleib

Thumbnail image borrowed from http://th03.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/f/2012/168/f/c/banana_with_machine_gun_destroying_the_moon_by_krazyperson-d53v80e.png