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Hungry Hungry Rabid Bats

Everything that happened during the last week. Reese Witherspoon arrest audio leaked. Rhianna booed in Boston. Why do Syrians think Bieber is gay? Iran President Mahmoud Ahmedinijad was ARRESTED! Republicans criticize Obama now for NOT passing gun control? Should we hate Gweneth Paltrow. Israel strikes Syria. North Korea sentences an American Citizen. Gitmo hunger strike continues. Scientists create world’s smallest movie. Senate passes online sales tax. The Boston Bombers friends have been arrested for throwing away Vaseline. Lindsey Lohan talks drug use and her sexuality. Obama is hypocritical on drugs. Should you suck on your child’s pacifier? Gingrich compares gay rights to the need for Catholic rights? The first solar powered airplane takes flight. Should Michelle Obama be calling Beyonce a role model? And there’s now two Popes living in the Vatican. And a rapper gets oral sex on stage. Download Viddy – the free app for your phone, make your own Viddys and follow @BenGleib.