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Killed Privates Back from Extinction

Everything that happened last week on Earth. Bill Gates wants better condoms. Supreme Court starts Gay Marriage case. Amanda Bynes wants her privates murdered. Extinct animals are coming back. Senate passes a budget for now reason. Obama goes to Israel. John Hamm has a big mad penis. Yoga pants are see through. Pope Francis inaugurated and was for gay civil unions. Bobby Brown spends 9 hours in jail. Great Malala news. Police cracking down on Whippits. Are we finally arming the Syrian rebels? Watered down Gun Bill moves forward in Senate. South Korea hacked. Colorado signs its own gay union and gun laws. Ron Paul talks about Presidents’ drug use. Tilda Swinton sleeps in a box. John Mayer Katy Perry bra top news. Westboro Baptist Church gets a gay view. A chicken has a duck for a father. Roadkill meat becomes legal in Montana. Austin Goolsbee how the Sequester will be really felt. EU approves bank closing Cyprus Bailout. The Universe is a lot older than we thought. Lindsay Vonn mocks Tiger Woods. And much more. Follow Gleib on Instagram, Viddy, and Twitter @BenGleib.