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No Sense of Smell with Aida Rodriguez

Comedian Aida Rodriguez joins Gleib to discuss why she shares her personal life and takes on social issues from the stage, why she started standup when she was homeless, why Cenk Uygur lost badly in his Congressional race, why she supports Bernie over Biden, and if strippers should be allowed to deliver food during the pandemic. Plus Gleib covers the Taylor Swift Kimye flare up, Congress’ historic $2 Billion pandemic aid package, Jared Leto is now a cult leader, a huge toilet paper smuggling bust, Hulk Hogan settling his case, North Korea firing missles, Dr. Fauci wanting to push Trump to the ground, Trump pushing bogus Coronavirus cures, people ignoring stay at home orders, the Olympics being postponed, a theory about Greta Thunberg, why Florida exists, and the craziest things people have seen during quarantine times. Follow @FunnyAida on Twitter.