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Pope eats Horse Meat

Gleib catches you up on the last 3 weeks of news. Including The Pope stepping down. Horse Meat appearing everywhere, even IKEA. Jesse Jackson Jr. spending campaign money on FUR CAPES. Weird stories from Gleib’s Oscar Roadtrip and being at the Oscars. Fan Armies bullying people on Twitter. Americans are eating fewer calories. Bush paints himself showering. Google Goggles are almost here. Malala leaves the hospital! Meteor explodes over Russia. Gen. Allen Steps down. The hypocrisy of Catholicism. Possible effects of the impending sequester. North Korea’s third nuclear test. Carnival’s stranded cruise ship. Coca-Cola killing a lady who drank an ABSURD amount of it. Obama’s State of the Union and Rubio’s Water “Scandal.” Legless Olympian Oscar Pistorius accused of killing his girlfriend. If Republicans are becoming pro-gay marriage. Iran covering up Michelle Obama. Anne Hathaway’s desire to be liked. A dress that becomes see-thru if you get turned on. Taco Bell news. And sea-slugs with regenerating penises. Follow Gleib on the Viddy app on you phone @BenGleib and on Twitter @BenGleib. LastweekonEarth.com