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Socially Distant from Steve Hofstetter, Chris Bowers & Dr. Larry

Comedians Steve Hofstetter & Chris Bowers join Gleib to discuss the insane list of things Bowers doesn’t like, and some very unpopular opinions. They cover what we all miss from normal life, hilarious reasons people are calling 911, the return of Jussie Smollett, a tiger with Coronavirus, Trump demanding appreciation from givernors and bragging about banging models while talking about people dying, an incredibly helpful fetish site, and Florida advising caution in a very special Florida way. Then Dr. Larry Burchett joins us again to give us an update from the E.R., put COVID-19 in perspective, share the most current info, and answer questions we are all wondering.Follow @SteveHofstetter @BowersComedy @DrLarryBurchett