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Thanx for Listening

I can’t thank you all enough for listening to this podcast I’ve been doing for the last 8 months. It truly has been a passion project, and the fact that I’ve found an audience who enjoys listening to it makes me happy. It also makes me not-unhappy, which is equally important.

To have regular listeners to a thing I put so much time and effort into is an incredible reward. My goal is to entertain and make you laugh as much as I can, while also filling you in on what happened that week on our great, crazy, messed up little planet. Some of the stories are stupid, and point out how ridiculous life really is. And some are important, and hopefully spur a conversation, or at least get your brain spinning a little bit. So many varied, amazing, dumbfounding, and interesting things happen constantly that there is never a shortage of material. And hopefully you enjoy sorting through some of it with me.

I claim to cover EVERYTHING that happened Last Week on Earth. And I try hard to almost make that happen. I really do spend a ton of time sifting through world events to choose the ones that I think are most relevant, important, or at least noteworthy to share with you. I think the news is often so bad at determining what’s actually worth reporting that I enjoy taking my own stab at it. (And sometimes making fun of it by covering incredibly unimportant things in very serious ways.) I easily spend 20-30 hours a week preparing this puppy. I need to sleep more. But the fact that people find some kind of value in this podcast keeps me doing it.

I also carefully select the guests that I ask to come on. Only having a guest pretty much every other week means I will only have about 26 guests a year. And I always try to make them very worth your while. Hopefully you agree. I only choose the funniest, smartest, or most well-informed people I know. And some I don’t know, but who I know will be interesting to get to know a little on the air, and then riff the world with them.

And the reaction to the show from all of you has given me so much energy, that it is also the reason I started this website. Because I wanted LWOE to have a cool home online. And I also wanted a place where we could riff on the world throughout the week. The comments on every post and story on this site will always be open, so please join in the conversation. I will try to post at least one new blurb or story pretty much every week day, spread throughout the different news categories, or here in the “Thoughts” section, to give you all some content while waiting for the next episode to come out. Except today. Been up till now, 6:26 AM getting this site (semi)ready to launch. And I have to get up in three hours. So it’s definitely time for bed.

But my overall point is thank you for listening, and thank you for visiting this site. I hope you do both again.


Ben Gleib