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The World Ends Friday

Gleib covers all the signs the world is going to end on Friday, from Earthquakes in California and Japan & Obama and Boehner moving toward compromise, to Ice and Coco’s relationship maybe being on the rocks. Not enough proof? How about the Pope has started tweeting, gay marriages have started in Washington, and Jesus was kicked out of a dart tournament. Plus, matching riots in Egypt and Michigan, Instagram going crazy, and the U.S. making empty threats to Syria and North Korea. Gleib also shares his feelings on the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Karl Rove is back on FOX News. Al Queda is helping our pals the Syrian rebels. We compare who’s sluttier, Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift, discuss the sudden rise of Hillbilly Porn, and Gleib gives his assessment of all of human civilization. Considering the world ends in 2 days, this podcast wraps it all up in a nice bow, which is unnecessary during the apocalypse.

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