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The Worm Worms In

Everything that happened last week on earth. Including… Dennis Rodman becomes BFF’s with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. The Pope steps down. Bieber has a bad bday. Hugo Chavez dies. Millenials are the most stressed. Condoleeza Rice terrorizes gold course. Titanic 2 to set sail. How much cleavage is too much? The Supreme Court takes on the Voting Rights Act. Charlie Sheen wants to mentor Lindsay Lohan. The Sequester happened. John Kerry goes to Egypt. Taylor Swift takes on Poehler and Fey. Hegel confirmed by Senate. A baby with HIV might have been cured. Iran activates an alternate nuclear site. Syrian rebels take over a capital city, and the U.S. decides to give them unhelpful aid. Miss Teen Delaware is a porn star. Is there a real Batman? And more. Follow @BenGleib on Twitter, Instagram, and Viddy, for his 30 second videos.