Sophia Bush: 1 Year Anniversary Special

Sophia Bush returns for this live audience 1 Year Anniversary Special. Plus highlights from Gleib’s favorite guests. Do women want to be objectified? Crazy effects of Thanksgiving. Sophia & Gleib tell a skinny dipping story, and how their charities compete against each other. Plus, they make a “Don’t Be a D!ck” Pledge announcement. Ceasefire in Gaza makes Egypt’s President Power Hungry. Caviar Vending Machines? UK Prime Minister has wardrobe malfunction. Looking fabulous on food stamps. Is Obamacare back on the table? Will we avoid the fiscal cliff? Is the Grover Norquist tax pledge going away? Is America a Golden Spot? Senate bill allows WARRANTLESS email searches. More Hostess bankruptcy SHOCK! Botox for poker players. Romney at Disneyland. Jesse Jackson Jr. resigns from Congress. Taylor Swift’s lack of indie cred. Audience Q&A. And SPOILER ALERT!!! Gleib’s parents join him and Sophia on stage for Twitter Answers and THE THUNDER ROUND!