Jeffrey Ross: Pecan Pie

Roastmaster General Jeffrey Ross (Comedy Central’s The Burn) joins Gleib to discuss finding your path and all the signs the world is ending in 2.5 weeks. Kim Kardashian causing PROTESTS in Bahrain. People everywhere freaking out about the Mayan APOCALYPSE. Lindsey Lohan PUNCHING a psychic. Yassir Arafat COMING back from the grave. The OCTOMOM being nominated for awards. The Pope joining Twitter. Our economy still speeding toward the fiscal CLIFF. WOMEN fighting for the right to be in combat. New study with bad news about SITTING. MTV”s new reality show Buck Wild. If texting is driving away our friends. DSK maid gets huge settlement. Dems prepping 2014 Super PACS. Axelrod surprised Romney didn’t hit harder. Microsoft’s stupid tablet. Syrian rebels make advances then get hit by plane and not by WIFI signals. The half man from 2 1/2 Men says his show is filth. Chris Brown fights a girl on Twitter. If we should ban killer robots. Crystal Harris and Hef getting married again. How much money does Brad Pitt carry in his wallet? Harvard’s new BDSM club and Gaga fans sneaking into her garage. Follow @realJeffreyRoss on twitter, and check out