10: Guest Aisha Tyler: "Lingerie Couch Censored Title"

Aisha Tyler joins Gleib to discuss the Obama’s sex life and if Michelle spent 50K on lingerie, if illegals will ever deport themselves, if the G Spot even exists, Miley Cyrus getting blasted by conservative groups, my interview with Miley, Twitter agreeing to censorship, dirty attacks in Florida Primary, Gingrich wanting a colony on the moon, Ryan Gosling and Zooey Deschanel hating on McDonalds, Cynthia Nixon’s controversial gay comments, U.S. Drones in Iraq and Pakistan, Obama “hangin’ out” on Google Plus, Aisha’s time on “Friends” and if Ross or Joey was a better kisser, what shooting sex scenes and lesbian scenes is like, the challenge of sitcom acting, why all women are a little gay,  if drinking alcohol can extend your life, if Obama has let us down, what the Occupy movement might be able to achieve, if we should be allowed to burn the American Flag, why the Japanese are losing interest in sex and relationships, Gov. Jan Brewer yelling at Obama, if people take “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” too seriously, if it’s inevitable that robots take over everything, if donkey semen is too much even for “Fear Factor”, and the odd smell of chamomile tea. Plus, THE THUNDER ROUND, and Aisha and Gleib sing a duet.

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