11: "Italian Brownies Please, Hold The Racism"

We discuss why a million moms hate Ellen Degeneres, a middle school girl selling pot brownies, Romney saying he doesn’t care about poor people, a full review of the Super Bowl Ads and Halftime Show, if Madonna can create world peace, if Clint Eastwood’s voice is too much, if Obama should be allowed to say Jesus, the craziest man in the world on FOX News, Sex Week at Yale, Black History Month, a man adopting his girlfriend, why racists have low IQ, if we’re on the brink of attacking Iran and their willingness to attack Israel and the U.S., Obama changing his stance on Super Pacs, the hottest Italian girl in the world, Susan G. Komen’s attack on Planned Parenthood, Harry Potter being drunk, Repubs wanting to ban welfare card use at strip clubs, Russia and China refusing to stop the bloody crackdown in Syria, the importance of Groundhog day, Washington legalizing same sex marriage, the Egypt soccer riot, and Governor Chris Christie fighting with Snooki.  Plus, twitter answers and THE THUNDER ROUND. (Don’t be a d!ck and subscribe to this podcast on itunes. It’s free.)

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