12: Guest Iliza Shlesinger: "Sexy Valentine’s Day Special"

Iliza Shlesinger (Winner of Last Comic Standing, Host of Excused) joins Gleib for his Valentne’s Day Special to discuss if women should serve in combat, Miley Cyrus’ drastic new change, Syria continuing its crackdown, Nikki Minaj and Chris Brown at The Grammy’s, the passing of Whitney Houston, people who treat their dogs weird, if Nicolas Cage is a vampire, fans taking sports more seriously than the players, Kim Kardashian’s hot lunch date, Sean Hannity saying Obama didn’t want Bin Laden dead, a guy getting death threats over a tweet, Obama’s religious birth control reversal, colleges selling bathroom stalls, if stimulating your brain improves memory, and hot topless protestors in Russia.  Plus a clip from Gleib’s show in Edmonton, twitter answers, and THE THUNDER ROUND!  Also, The “Don’t Be a D*ck” Pledge is up!  Sign it at tinyurl.com/dontbead*ckpledge

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