15: Guest Ben Savage: "0’s And 1’s And Antonio Banderas"

Actor Ben Savage (Boy Meets World) joins Gleib to discuss the Oscars, Politics, and the Nature of Existence. Topics include racist white girls, J Lo’s nipple, Putin seducing virgins, the outrage over Koran burning, Angelina Jolie’s leg, Santorum saying Separation of Church and State makes him want to throw up, being naked at work, if Romney is a robot, if we are addicted to technology, why Scientists did not go faster than the speed of light,  if Israel is going to attack Iran, China critiquing America’s critique of their Syria Policy, Savage’s career, fame, rumors, living in West Hollywood, and if he was able to be a normal student at Stanford, Google selling Terminator glasses, Stephen Hawking being into sex clubs, and Miley Cyrus receiving death threats. Plus Twitter answers, THE THUNDER ROUND, and Gleib issues an apology.

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