Bryan Cranston: Breaking Bad. Seeing Red. Making Blue.

Star of “Breaking Bad” Bryan Cranston joins Gleib to discuss Rush Limbaugh calling a woman a slut, why Bryan’s been pushing drugs since early in his career, seeing red and the time he envisioned killing an ex-girlfriend, the real reason he became an actor, Santorum chugging beer, if Tiger Woods would make a good Navy SEAL, Mike Tyson’s acting Chops, when ego turns from good to bad, Putin stealing Russia’s election, if Iran is evil, the craft of acting, how it’s like magic, and why Gleib needs to approach auditions differently, the religious right’s battle with Obama over contraception, the importance of health care and separation of church and state, how he approaches each Breaking Bad script, if the show changed his morality, if he ever dreams as Walter White, why he also writes and directs, how he approaches comedy versus drama, TSA making a woman pump her breasts, the neuroscience of how we make decisions, why he almost became a cop, if there’s too much drugs on TV, sex in the 70’s and why he never smashed one of his 3 Best Actor Emmys on the ground . Plus Twitter answers, THE THUNDER ROUND, and Bryan debuts his Rush Limbaugh impression. Follow Gleib on twitter @bengleib and hashtag #LastWeekonEarth to be part of the podcast.