18: Guest Steve Agee: "Paper Mache Taco Salad"

Actor/Comedian Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Program) joins Gleib to discuss blimps, the hell of working on reality shows, if Chupacabras exist, Syria’s Dictator and his wife getting their emails hacked, a study showing that women love drama, Utah trying to ban sex ed, needing to prove your impotent to get Viagra, world leaders giving each other gifts, oil spills in Brazil, Kim Kardashian not sleeping well, how being on TV doesn’t mean you have money, Santorum saying he doesn’t care about unemployment and still hating women, Occupy Wall St. protestors getting arrested again and Gleib’s idea for a buddy party system, if distracted people have sharper brains, foreign countries getting involved in Syria, shooting The Polterguys, if giving up on your dreams makes you happier, Dr. Small Wood, how much AFTRA sucks, how Steve met Sarah, playing a gay character, Taco Salad, a ban on chesty chess players, the founder of Red Bull dying, how the rapper Ludacris is the Republican party, how Tim Tebow proves that God doesn’t care about football, March Madness and annoying squeaky shoes, and Ashton Kutcher going into space.  Plus, the THUNDER ROUND.  Please support our sponsor ADAMANDEVE.COM Enter promo code “lastweek” at checkout to get 50% off most items, plus 4 free gifts and free shipping.

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