19: "Cheney Gets a Heart"

This last week we discuss Dick Cheney finally getting a heart, Kim Kardashian getting doused with flour, Obama telling the Russians a secret, Angelina Jolie breaks her silence over her weird leg thing, Ninja attacks on the rise, Porn Stars banned from Prom, Facebook making a bold statement about privacy, Rick Santorum cussing at a reporter, John Edwards denies banging a prostitute, Gleib addresses the Don’t Be a Dick pledge, Trayvon Martin, Madonna encouraging drug use, the Supreme Court hearing the case on Obamacare, if Mitt Romney is an Etch-a-sketch, Ashley Olsen retiring from acting, California nuclear reactors leaking, a sword and beer bottle fight, and child identity theft. Plus Twitter answers and THE THUNDER ROUND!  Please support our sponsor ADAMANDEVE.COM Enter promo code “lastweek” at checkout to get 50% off most items, plus 4 free gifts and free shipping.

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