Neal Brennan: "Lettuce Grows on Trees"

Chappelle’s Show creator Neal Brennan joins Gleib to discuss why Chappelle’s Show really ended, which cities in America value sex the most, why he’ll never work with Dave Chappelle again, Alicia Silverstone feeding her baby like a bird, how the Supreme Court has become Sarah Palin’s Death Panel, Obama’s real weakness, Kim Kardashian leaving the country, why he doesn’t believe Syria will adhere to the peace deadline it just agreed to, why Iran and North Korea should be allowed to have nukes, why he started doing standup, how love alters your brain, Magic Johnson buying the Dodgers, Beliebers at war with Little Monsters and BeGleibers war with Bieber, (#gleiberfever #BeGleibers #onlyroomforonefever) how writing Half Baked with Chappelle led to their first falling out, why we don’t need to eat meat, if Obama will ever support gay marriage, Trayvon Martin, Santorum, Romney, Gingrich charging for photos and selling dog bandanas,and why he thinks the Republicans will never win another Presidential election, why everyone should get a dog, perceptions of Zac Efron, how Pakistan is blackmailing us, the Situation’s stomach troubles in rehab, models encouraging skimpier beach clothing, the re-release of Gleib’s movie “Titanic 2,” (at Twitter Answers, THE THUNDER ROUND, and more. SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR ADAMANDEVE.COM Enter promo code “lastweek” at checkout and for a limited time get 50% off most items, plus 4 free gifts and free shipping.