21: "Flying Car Kidney Phone"

Gleib discusses a Chinese teen selling his kidney for an iPhone, Jason Biggs being attacked by monkeys, Google debuting computer glasses, a woman’s breasts saving her life, Wisconsin’s Governor Walker repealing women’s rights, the arrival of the flying car, if computers make us smarter or dumber, a study on female parking, the economy growing and slowing at the same time, and what economic numbers really mean, Obama finally going after Romney by name, Meghan McCain slamming the Republican candidates, Paul Ryan admitting a mistake, Obama putting his face on basketballs, the GSA spending insane amounts of money on clowns and gold commemorative coins, Amanda Bynes DUI arrest, Kim Kardashian dating Kanye West, if insects are the food of the future, Facebook buying Instagram, a big sports fan gets executed, a navy Jet crashing into buildings in Virginia, Ryan Gosling saves a woman’s life, Seinfeld saves Gleib’s life, Macs get viruses, Pink Slime meat update, violence in Syria getting worse despite a peace agreement, and more. Plus Twitter Answers and THE THUNDER ROUND! Subscribe to this podcast, and follow @bengleib on Twitter.

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