Felicia Day: "Butter Brangelina Tracking Devices"

Gleib and Felicia Day (The Guild, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog) discuss why she chose to start a Youtube network instead of being cast on a network TV show, the Secret Service prostitute scandal, Santorum dropping out, how her web show “The Guild” came about, Brangelina getting engaged, if we should be afraid of Google, how Felicia and Gleib first worked together in their old improv troupe with Kristen Wiig, what it was like to shoot “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog,” what the worst job ever is, and how scary porta-potty demons would be, her love of escaping to fantasy worlds, Bill Cosby’s slow speech, ways the government tracks us, the inevitability of our digital footprint, Congress’ attempt to pass The Buffett Rule, Iran negotiating their nukes, North Korea’s failed missile launch, Raccoon attacks on the rise, Gingrich bouncing checks, Arizona’s insane new anti-abortion law, how Gleib’s passion for butter sculpting may have doomed his last relationship, we reveal this week’s audio Sudoku solutions, if Felicia would ever drink wine infused with marijuana, new beer flavors, if Ranch will ever surpass ketchup, Gleib says butter too many times, men getting Brazilian waxes, whether Ann Romney has worked a day in her life, George Zimmerman being arrested, how many people have never used the internet, the uncertain peace in Syria, Gleib teaches Felicia how to never be cold again, Mayor Cory Booker saves a woman from a fire, Felicia discusses her passion for romance novels, and based on a twitter suggestion they do an improv scene of a coroner and a man who just came back to life. (Like every podcast should.)  Plus Twitter answers and THE THUNDER ROUND! Subscribe to Felicia’s channel http://youtube.com/geekandsundry and Gleib’s http://youtbe.com/bgleib  @feliciaday @bengleib #lastweekonearth

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