Secret Service Public Prostitutes

Gleib discusses the Secret Service Colombian Prostitute scandal, Kim Kardashian running for Mayor, Obama eating a dog, if Syria’s ceasefire is just for show, Fox’s Steve Doocy making up an Obama quote, the nation’s mood improving, Norway killer’s insane statements, if we really need an iPad mini or a smartphone on our wrist, a genius 4 year old, and a 6 year old getting arrested, lenders getting back into subprime credit, a study saying porn shuts down parts of the brain, Republicans passing a tax cut for Donald Trump while trying to take away student loan assistance, Citigroups shareholders rejecting huge pay for their CEO, Walmart bribing Mexicans, Gingrich getting bit by a penguin, Jack Nicholson’s 75th birthday, celebrity stoners, if Jellyfish are taking over, and Gleib does a freestyle rap with star of The Office, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Pineapple Express, CRAIG ROBINSON!  Plus Twitter answers and THE THUNDER ROUND!  Follow Gleib on twitter @bengleib and on  #LastWeekonEarth

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