Gleib’s Parents: True Love and Bombs

Gleib’s parents Nate and Ziva are his guests, and they discuss Bin Laden’s secret files being uncovered, how they knew they wanted to marry each other after just 6 days, if women should be CEOs or fighter pilots, when they knew Ben would become a comedian, if they ever thought he was gay, the three of them reflect on the LA Riots 20 years after having lived through them, what it was like for Ziva to be in the Israeli army and in the office of famed one-eyed Israeli Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan, Nate to go to school in Bogota, Colombia with the wife of one of America’s biggest traitors, if they ever hid anything from their parents, Ziva having worked with the wife of one of the most famous art thieves in history, if Israel should bomb Iran, if Beyonce doesn’t want to be seen with Kim, if couples with big age gaps like Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon can make it, if Rick Santorum creeped on Lindsay Lohan, if sports playoffs are too long, and why they are important in modern life, a study about if Facebook is replacing face to face conversations, The Secret Service banging more prostitutes, Pepto Bismol and Al Queda both trying to rebrand themselves, if Kate is fed up with Pippa, if it’s important that the Freedom Tower becomes one of the world’s tallest, whether stay at home moms actually work, Obama killing it at the Correspondents dinner and joking about eating dogs, The Supreme Court hearing Arizona’s controversial SB1070 immigration law, and if racial profiling is ever okay. Plus, Twitter Answers, THE THUNDER ROUND, and just some good advice for life. Follow Gleib’s dad on twitter @natedogdodger