25: "Blind Run Sexy Debate"

Gleib discusses his encounter with a famous criminal, if Michael Phelps should retire at 26, Gingrich dropping out, the passing of the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch, the Obama campaign officially kicks off, Joe Biden is both great and bad on Meet the Press, if the Obama administration is changing its position on gay marriage, Romney’s gay spokesman resigning, Romney letting Obama be accused of treason, Romney accusing Obama of politicizing Bin Laden’s death when he’s really the one politicizing it, Obama’s secret trip to Afghanistan to sign a historic agreement to end the war, what the hell are we doing in Afghanistan and Pakistan, a new underwear bomber foiled, a Mexican Presidential debate with a very sexy twist, a UCSD student locked up by the DEA with no food or water, Arizona banning funding of Planned Parenthood, Japan closing its last nuclear plant, Sarkozy losing the French Election, Putin sworn in and immediately crushing dissent, blind activist Chen Guancheng scaling a wall and asking the Chinese to let him go to the U.S., Syria’s total B.S. ceasefire, a female teacher having sex with her student, if people believe the world is ending, studies showing America keeps getting fatter, a judge sexts his married employee and OWNS it, Kashi thinks genetically modifying food is natural, a man gets mugged and gets math skills from it, can dolphins overdose on heroin, Floyd Mayweather’s odd entourage, a spray that gets you drunk, and THE THUNDER ROUND! Plus, #LastWeekonEarth is now the #1 comedy podcast on Stitcher! Follow them @stitcherradio and follow @bengleib on twitter and instagram.