Paul Provenza: The Haircut is the Japanese Burka

Paul Provenza (Director “The Aristocrats,” Host “The Green Room” on Showtime) joins Gleib for a VERY wide-ranging conversation covering 2/3rds of everything. Obama backing gay marriage, Mitt Romney attacking a gay child, if it’s okay to clone your dog, if government will ever be transparent and why we should make it a reality show, Time Magazine’s breastfeeding cover, air-conditioned beaches in the Middle East, if there is a line to cross, and if our news people should cross it, how much WHITE WOMEN LOVE TANNING and their own reflections, racism, if we should put Swfiffers on burkas, why CHRISTINA AGUILERA would make a great secretary, whether voting matters even in extreme cases, if anything really matters, why the Bush Administration was actually a coup, Newsweek calling Obama gay, The PNAC, if it’s important to be liked, Bristol Palin slams Obama, new evidence that the Mayans might be wrong, if God’s words originated on refrigerator magnets, if we should have a party system, if 4 years old is too old to breastfeed, if repetition creates truth, a v@gina based religion, if it’s okay to prioritize animal charities over people charities, SARAH McLACHLAN, why it’s hard for the planet to not be d!cks, ANARCHY, we come up with several sketch ideas, if world protest movements will ever truly change the world, if midgets can marry, how tangled the War on Terror already is, the comedy of George Carlin, Woody Allen, Patrice O’Neal, George Wallace, Natasha Leggero, Nick Thune and Eddie Pepitone, Neo-Socialism & Neo-Conservatism, if torture has any merits, how Gleib has a strategy from childhood to end the War in Afghanistan and how he came up with our Bin Laden killing strategy, if shock value has merit, if torture is ever okay, if comedy is important, Gleib’s plan to become a woman, Liberalism VS Conservatism, if hair can have a sense of humor, why the world has never seen true capitalism, or socialism (except in small places where everybody looks the same,) if anything really matters, the value of insects, federalism vs state’s rights, PROM DRESS INSPECTORS, the Roots of Mormonism, the basis of religious stories, moral relativism, MARIAH CAREY, we take a smoke break during the podcast, the controlling nature of large institutions, Satiristas! Live, if the actress from Precious is named Sabado Gigante, how Gleib’s Grandpa taught him the value of money, the most out of left field dick joke of all time, if we’re all doomed, and a new study showing people are getting happier.  Plus whether or not we should freeze ourselves.  AND somehow much more.  Plus Twitter Answers and THE THUNDER ROUND!  Follow @PaulProvenza and @bengleib on Twitter.  And check out Gleib’s short film on youtube SH!T HITCHHIKERS SAY.