A Shy Horse Swims 2 Miles

Tebow poses with Strippers, Blind activist comes to America, Iran is being shifty before the nuclear talks, College students are studying less, a horse swims 2 miles, is there more than ONE UNIVERSE? Ron Paul suspends his campaign, again Boehner threatens America’s credit worthiness, Gleib rants about Patriotism and his days on the High School football team, startling allegations about Obama and Reverend Wright, Campaign Ads & TACTICS between Obama & Romney, Gov. Rubio slams Obama, PARIS HILTON releases a new album, $150 million paid for the SCREAM painting, Indonesians love and hate LADY GAGA, we can now use cell phones in airplanes, tons of pot found in the Ocean, the end of pennies? Can someone love NY too much? Should we still get our prostates checked? New Potato chips FOR MEN, plus Twitter answers and THE THUNDER ROUND!