Tony Clifton: Andy Kaufman Lives On

Is Tony Clifton actually Andy Kaufman? Showbiz legend Tony Clifton, and his dancers, join Gleib to answer this question ***WARNING: DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY ANYTHING. TONY IS NOT A NORMAL PERSON*** Also…Did Piers Morgan Hack your phone?  Egypt has an election for a President with no power. Are plumbers an important national issue?  CNN thinks so.  Kaufman meeting Elvis. Facebook screws everybody. Stupid Celebrity tweets.  Marilu Henner’s sex life on Taxi. The Tony Clifton Revue and if he has sex with his dancers. Romney taking credit for things Obama did. Female soldiers suing to be in combat.  President Clinton posing with porn stars.  Clifton on Dinah Shore, Miss Piggy Show, and on Kaufman’s famous Carnegie Hall show.  A woman on a plane claiming she had a bomb inside her.  The X-Men gay wedding. Ford getting its logo back, Chris Brown’s unspeakable act (lip syncing.) The stupidity of polls. Facebook’s new camera app. Our ally Pakistan jailing a doctor for helping is catch Bin Laden. Ronald Reagan’s blood. And… Twitter Answers and The Thunder Round!