29: "Radioactive Fish Superhuman Vision"

Bloomberg BANS large sodas. Obama praises George W. Bush. Tuna goes nuclear. What is a Diamond Jubilee? BIEBER hits a wall. Cannibals attack. What are BATH SALTS? Govt talks about ZOMBIES. New phone tracks your eye movements. Mubarrak sentenced to life in PRISON. Syria’s peace is very violent. Bad jobs report comes out, Obama and Romney ARGUE over who’s worse at creating jobs & BILL CLINTON defends Romney. Eurozone is in trouble. Zimmerman’s back in JAIL Gov. Walker recall election. Tons of EARTHQUAKES hit everywhere! New technology gives us SUPERHUMAN vision. 2 very unexpected PROSTITUTES. The Green Lantern is now gay. Bill Maher buys The Mets. Private SPACE flight is a success. KANYE and KIM might be moving in together. Plus, Twitter Answers and THE THUNDER ROUND! Follow @bengleib on twitter #lastweekonearth and see him live in San Diego June 7-9 americancomedyco.com