Chris Franjola: Bath Salts Egg Face

Chris Franjola (Chelsea Lately, After Lately) joins Gleib to discuss why we eat chemicals instead of food, lesbians, if world events really matter, Obama saying the private sector is doing fine, Romney wanting less police, firemen, and teachers, Bill Clinton messing things up for Obama again, how Chris became part of Chelsea’s world, why he moved here looking for fame, and if being recognized is all he thought it would be, his time living in Saudi Arabia, Chelsea and Jennifer Aniston’s friendship, what it’s like getting made fun of by Chelsea, Ben’s night hanging with Susan Sarandon, Oprah ending her feud with 50 Cent, drone strikes killing another Al Queda #2, U.S. losing patience with Pakistan, a court rejects an appeal to overturn the ruling that struck down California’s Prop 8, and how Ben’s views on gay marriage evolved, whether women should be paid equally to men and why Republicans blocked it again, Linked In gets hacked and if our lives are really safe in the cloud, more bath salts leading to more face chewing, Miley Cyrus gets engaged, the Vatican bans a book on female masterbation, and Amanda Bynes tweets the President. ┬áPlus Twitter Answers, and THE THUNDER ROUND! Follow @chrisfranjola and @bengleib on twitter. #LastWeekonEarth