Jackson Rathbone: Interview with a Vampire

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Hale from “Twilight”) joins Gleib & Jason Mewes cameos, to discuss oil, VAMPIRES, Egypt’s new President, breastaurants, acting, being in Twilight, Adidas’ RACIST SHOES, Alec Baldwin punching more people, The Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s Immigration Law, and how Obama’s new policy really helps his chances, Macauley Caulkin’s iPod parties, Kristen Stewart being the highest paid actress, Putin and Obama speaking with one voice about Syria, female politicians can’t say v@g!na, why insects are the food of the future, why people need noise to be CREATIVE, Facebook’s creepy new feature, elderly skydivers, a U.S. city preparing for the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, Jackson’s Disney voice and his connection to Abe Lincoln’s killer,  if Lincoln was really a vampire hunter, we have a CELEBRITY GUEST DROP IN, the Taliban killing people for drinking alcohol, and Gweneth Paltrow using the N word.  Plus, Twitter Answers and THE THUNDER ROUND!  Follow @JacksonRathbone and @bengleib #LastWeekonEarth