Health Care Legalized Alien Attack

Katie Holmes ESCAPES Tom Cruise. Anderson Cooper comes OUT. Obama’s Health Care law SURPRISING Supreme Court decision, and everyones STUPID reactions. Shatner loses his PANTS. Would Romney or Obama be better in an ALIEN INVASION? People are now ALLOWED TO LIE about military service. Michael Steele and Lanny Davis go PURPLE. HUMAN CROCODILE Charlie Rangel beats 4 competitors. College Football gets playoffs. Syrian TV station EXPLODED. WIll Obama stop the war on DRUGS? Amazon’s cloud JACKS people up. Japan returns to NUCLEAR power. WHat’s the healthiest meal POSSIBLE? Nora Ephron passes away. Can a new wedding ring stop you from CHEATING? BIEBER graduates. And are Nigerian SCAM emails actually really smart?  Plus Twitter Answers and THE THUNDER ROUND!  Help Sophia Bush’s bday wish to build a school for kids in Guatemala at  #LastWeekonEarth