Chris D’elia: God Particle Testicle Fish

Chris D’elia (Star of NBC’s Whitney) joins Gleib to discuss the GOD particle being discovered, a testicle EATING fish, if the internet is making us CRAZY, why Chris always makes love, why he’s never drank or tried drugs, Obama supporting extending the Bush Tax CUTS for certain people, Kim Jong Un stealing DISNEY characters, why sitting shortens your LIFE, why Ohio can’t redefine personhood, HOT DOG eating champions, IRAN aiming at U.S. bases, why Chris doesn’t like to go in lakes or do things, more SUPER slow job growth, should women be INTENSE COMBAT MARINES, learning in your SLEEP, SOLAR FLARES getting stronger, if SEX can lead to love, getting accidentally peed on, R KELLY being inspired by the notebook, and a baby born at 7/11. The FIRST LIVE LAST WEEK ON EARTH audience recording will be in Atlanta on Sunday July 22. (and Gleib;s standup in ATL July 19-21.) Tix at