Live from Atlanta: Mustachioed Orangutan Vice President

LIVE from Atlanta’s Laughing Skull Lounge, our first audience podcast. We discuss Bush’s love of FAME. The Dark Knight shooting in Colorado. Why Obama & Romney’s campaigns both SUCK. Limbaugh’s very stupid BATMAN villian statements.  BANDERAS in hot water with Melanie Griffith. A man with a huge penis perplexes TSA.  Suri Cruise becomes CATHOLIC.  Special guest Atlanta comedian ROBERT HAZE @robertistheman joins Gleib for Twitter Answers.  Did Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin let the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD infiltrate our government?  MUSTACHIOED REBELS advance in SYRIA, assassinate Assad’s top brass.  MORGAN FREEMAN gives Obama $1 MILLION (and narrates it.)   CANADIANS are making more money than Americans. Major SPAM servers shut down. Voters don’t care if an ORANGUTAN is Vice President. RACIST Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio now says he has proof Obama wasn’t born here. Air passengers eat NEEDLE sandwiches.  Penn State statue news.  A japanese philosopher says NUCLEAR POWER is an example of how humans see the world wrong. Fred Willard caught FREDDING HIS WILLARD. An ICEBERG TWICE THE SIZE OF MANHATTAN breaks off Greenland! Plus a man become a GOAT, a boy fights a mailbox, another man SHOOTS HIMSELF in the PRIVATES, and Comedian Paige Bowman @thepaigebowman helps moderate a Q & A and THE THUNDER ROUND! Follow @laughingskull for great comedy shows in Atlanta, and for videos, shows, and more.