Live from the DNC: "Jesse Jackson. Richard Schiff. Nancy Pelosi. Diane Sawyer."

Gleib is inside the Democratic Convention & interviews Jesse Jackson, Diane Sawyer, Nancy Pelosi, Emmy winner Richard Schiff (West Wing, House of Lies,) Congresswoman Maxine Waters, LA’s next Mayor Eric Garcetti, Ross Matthews, and more. He challenges political icon Rev. Jesse Jackson’s views on GUN control, and they discuss Obama and Afghanistan. He has a memorable interaction with Nancy Pelosi about CLint Eastwood’s chair speech. He goes in DEPTH with Richard Schiff about acting, winning an Emmy, what Al Pacino is like, politics from the inside, NUDE beaches, and they dissect clips from Romney’s RNC speech, Ann Romney’s appeal to WOMEN, Paul Ryan’s deceitful speech, working on the West Wing, his new political series ‘Chasing The Hill,’and more. He has a brief chat with DIANE SAWYER on an elevator. He DEBATES Representative Waters on Obama’s priorities, who’s WINNING the war on women, and if she feels PRESSURE to be funny. Los Angeles Councilman Eric Garcetti, now running for Mayor, talks with Gleib about Paul Ryan lying, Obama’s vision, what he would do for LA better than Mayor Villaraigosa, LA sports, bringing government into the palm of your hand, WHACKING the right wing mafia style, and if we FAKED the moon landing. Also, Jersey Shore being cancelled, Scientology’s attempt to marry off Tom Cruise, more Lindsay Lohan trouble, and the first annual CAT video festival. Plus Twitter Answers and THE THUNDER ROUND. Thanks to KPCC and Charlotte, North Carolina. Follow @Richard_Schiff and check out #braintrust