So You Can Blame Me -At the DNC w/ Gov. Charlie Crist. Howard Dean. Sam Donaldson. Adam Richmond. Victoria Jackson.

More from inside the Democratic Convention w/ Gov. Charlie Crist, Sam Donaldson, Howard Dean, Michael Dukakis, SNL’s Victoria Jackson (Republican,) Mayor of Tampa Florida Bob Buckhorn, Muslim Delegate Salehah Kahn, protesters and more. Gleib has a strange interaction with former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, moments after his speech. He asks Howard Dean about the “Howard Dean Scream.” He asks Michael Dukakis how the world would be different had he been elected President. He and Sam Donaldson discuss the existence of God. He tells a Muslim Delegate he is scared of her. Makes fun of Florida with the Mayor of Tampa Florida, Bob Buckhorn. Talks with a Global Warming protestor outside. And has an in depth conversation with the current oldest U.S. Senator, Frank Lautenberg from New Jersey. Narrated from back home, as comedian Adam Richmond joins Gleib to dissect the speeches, debate conservatism vs liberalism, and talk Putin turning into a bird, Michael Jackson songs, oral sex, soup, and lap dances.