Bob Odenkirk: Mars is a Pyramid Scheme

Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad, Mr. Show with Bob and David) joins Gleib to talk wrist magnets. The Pyramid discovered on Mars. If Mr. Show was written high. Obama’s pirate meeting. Tiger Attacks. Romney wishing he was Latino. SEX MACHINE finally discovered.  Working on SNL with Smigel, Farley, Sandler & Rock.  Why penises are SHRINKING and Rush Limbaugh.  Why girls love getting spanked.  HIPSTERS and Civil War soldiers.  HOT SAUCE.  If artists should be on Twitter.  A very personal plea to George CLOONEY.  More outrage over the anti-Muslim YouTube video.  If Obama relaxes too much.  How Bob got BREAKING BAD.  If he thinks he’s better at sketch or drama & similarities in the acting styles.  ALTERNATE endings to Lethal Weapon.  Why Italian Men have SOFT TEETH.  A time before podcasts.  Hal Clapp VS. The Soft Pack.  Woody Allen’s lack of self-awareness.  Mainstream VS. Niche Audiences.  The Ben Stiller Show.  How MR. SHOW greatly influenced Gleib’s comedy.  If Al Franken was always POLITICAL.  The short-lived nature of TV.  The importance of family.  Romney’s 47% VS. Obama’s Redistribution.  Bob’s WORDS are weird bit.  A Texas Principal spanks a female student.  Different PATHS in life.  The BEAUTY of Afghanistan and the U.S. pulling out all surge troops.  2 criminals who don’t understand the value of RARE COINS. And Bob’s hatred of Fiona Apple.