Bottomless Bagel Heads Bit Bonaduce

Kate Middleton now also available bottomless! Japanese inject bagels into their heads. Warrantless Surveillance surges under Obama. Water found on Mars?Are red heads going EXTINCT? Romney says Universal Health Care is the most empathetic thing you can do. Some women have male DNA in their brains. Children have FAST FOOD logos imprinted in their brains. Timberlake tries to bring MYSPACE back. Obama starting to pull away. Romney leads with middle class, despite not liking them. Sons of Anarchy actor’s mysterious death. Obama, Ahmadinejad, and Netanyahu speak to UN General Assembly, Netanyahu uses drawing of CARTOON BOMB. EMBARRASSING Obama phone lady brags about free phone Obama gave her. Iowa begins early voting, 60 days ahead. NFL refs return. Obama administration acknowledges Libya ATTACK was terrorists, and might have been Al Queda. Riot in China’s Foxconn iPhone factory. Will there be an iPad mini (ad why?) French Mohammed Cartoons. Billy Joe Armstrong throws fit, thinks he’s better than BIEBER. Abortions ON A BOAT coming to Muslim countries.NYC High Schools give out Plan B. Nestle puts GPS in its CANDY BARS. Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison are SUPER CREEPY on new reality show. Schwarzenegger talks of his AFFAIRS. And a great story involving Danny Bonaduce. Follow @bengleib on twitter. #LastWeekonEarth And check out