Lie your Heart Out

Did Obama’s poor debate performance give away the election? Did Romney cheat? Starbucks Pumpkin Latte CRISIS! Which candidate LIES more? Hillary honors Aguilera’s BREASTS. Nikki Minaj THREATENS Mariah Carey! Tebow tweets the DEVIL. Facebook hits a BILLION users. Lena Dunham gets INSANE payday to write a book. Turkey attacking Syria for attacking TURKEY. American Airlines has LOOSE SEATS, among other problems. VP debate preview. Space X launches first commercial SPACE FLIGHT. Unemployment drops below 8% for first time under Obama, launches CONSPIRACY theories. Romney attacks BIG BIRD. South Korea triples MISSLE range. Sandusky sentenced. Student spikes teachers coffee with BUTT ENHANCING PILLS. Jon Stewart and O’Reilly debate each other. New voter ID rules blocked. Hugo Chavez reelected. Bieber and Gaga both can’t hold it down. A vet sues over his FROSTBITTEN penis. Woman wrongfully jailed over BESTIALITY charge. An old lady cuts 2 countries off the internet. @bengleib #lastweekonearth