Quantum Information Sex Party

Full VP debate smackdown recap. Uproar over a black actress supporting Romney. Planet made of DIAMOND discovered. Endeavor Shuttle stuck in LA traffic. DSK sex party details revealed. BRITNEY manager trial begins. Strange winners of nobel prizes including the European Union and research into QUANTUM INFORMATION. Botswana passes female friendly laws.  Affirmative Action case heard by Supreme Court.  Man jumps from the EDGE OF SPACE.  Was Obama’s debate really that bad?  Why you can never waver or wobble in public life.  U.S. sends SECRET military to Jordan.  Romney flip-flop-flips on abortion. 14 year old activist young girl shot by Taliban.  Lance Armstrong made his whole team dope in weird BLOOD RITUAL. Paul Ryan cheesy workout photos.  Panetta warns of cyber-Pearl Harbor.  Hillary takes blame for Benghazi attack.  Scalia interviewed by Piers Morgan.  Are online friendships ruining real life friends?  Stevie Nicks threatens to kill Nikki Minaj. Watch Jack Dempsey’s “One Kiss” music video on Youtube.